The Four Regulative Principles of Freedom

Spiritual life in mode of goodness rests on values of Truthfulness, Cleanliness, Mercy and Austerity (discipline). Although anyone can chant Hare Krishna and participate in Devotional Activities if we are serious about making tangible progress in Krishna Consciousness, we will additionally choose to follow the “Four Regulative Principles of Freedom”. We can experience increasing empowerment to accomplish our Spiritual and Material goals, when we follow these “Four Regulative Principles of Freedom” voluntarily and continuously. All initiated devotees of ISKCON take voluntary a vow to follow these Principles of Freedom.

1. Freedom from gambling: Active or passive participation in Gambling shows that we are dissatisfied with the results that naturally come by executing our Spiritual and Material Duties as daily services and work. A genuinely progressing devotee by grace of Lord naturally is peaceful, satisfied and dependent on what the Lord provides for him. Gambling includes betting; following professional sports, music stars etc results; buying lottery tickets etc.  This freedom also include freedom from unnecessary sporting, recreation, entertainment or/and others so-call “relaxation” activities, as all these activities destroy life values as truthfulness, contentment, satisfaction, simplicity, peace of mind as is also associated with lying, cheating and ever increasing mode of passion and greed.

2. Freedom from intoxicants: We usually turn to intoxicants because we cannot face the austerities of life. As fact, these austerities are the reality of the material world and keep us on the spiritual path sober and clear-minded. Intoxicants cloud the mind and over-stimulate the senses. Intoxicants include stimulants as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine etc including cigarettes, coffee, tea and so-call “energetic drinks”. Consumption of soft or growth intoxicants destroy the life value cleanliness needed to practice Spiritual Life.

3. Freedom from meat eating: Naturally Sincere Spiritual Practitioners follow a strictly vegetarian diet and do not eat meat, fish, eggs, snakes, sea animals or any of their derivatives. Supreme Personality of Godhead through Mother Nature provides enough variety of vegetarian food to maintain human fit and healthy. Meat eating destroy life values as mercy, compassion, kindness, empathy, care etc and inevitably invite various subtle and growth violence reactions in our lives us by low of karma.

4. Freedom from illicit sex: Illicit subtle and growth sex life destroys the life values as austerity and discipline of both – the body and the mind. Spiritually and Materially successful life requires control of the mind and senses and therefore when we are serious about Spiritual and/or Material advancement, we voluntarily controls our senses, sexuality and lust even within relationship or marriage.


About BVG Janaka das

BVG Janaka das has international exposure across geographies, cultures, sciences, and Spiritual Practices, that he is bringing out the best in the participants and empowering them “Live Powerful Life what They Love to Live. He has experience as a leader of Transformative and Experiential Education, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Education, of Personality Development, group dynamics and team building group seminars-workshops. He has experience and knowledge in coaching, consulting, leading, creating and managing innovative educational programs and management projects.
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